Plateau of Chorcha Trek

Chorcha Plateau. This trek takes about 1.5 hours to Where born the Waterfall and 40 min down. The altitude of the plateau of Chorcha is 490 m.a.s.l. and its surface is about 11 km2. The size of the waterfall is 60 meters. In fact this trek takes about 3.5 hours total back and forth could be extended depending on the physical condition of people. In this Way you can do several activities for nature lovers where you can hike, you can see the view of the Gulf of Chiriqui, bird watching, Monkeys, and Plants. Also for athletes can be a place to train in the running but this activity takes a lot of Hydration because the temperature was at 34 ° C. All Trail is 3.5 km away. For more info on this trail visit our blog and join the adventure.  Travesias Panama Thanks for the support.

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