Island Trips

The marine national park gulf of Chiriqui was created in 1994. It covers 14.740 hectares of islands and marine waters in the western pacific panama. , the gulf of the same name, south of the extensive mangroves of the bay of the dead. the protected area is known as the archipelago of the ewes and itincludes Paridas islands (most of all) and paridita, which is the only inhabited in the archipelago as they contain plenty of water sources. other protected islands are Santa Catalina, pulgoso, gamez, shark, bishop, obispone, snappers, choking, icacos, corral de piedra, bolaños, berraco, bolanitos, san jose, linarte, peccaries, sainitos, church staff, male and  female carey. This is a full day tour and takes about 7 to 8 hours.

- Transportation
- Boat
- Snorkel Gear
- Luch & Snack
- Captain & bilingual Guides

Check the weather forecast before going hiking.