Whitewater River Rafting

Experience: Our billingual guides have more than ten years of experience in order to maintain quality and professional control of our operations, we are one of the oldest rafting companies in Boquete. Since 2000 we have watched tremendous growth in the demand for rafting and have chosen to limit our size in order to maintain quality and personal control over our operation.

Customer Safety: River rafting is an adventure sport that involves a certain degree of risk. Although we take every precaution to insure a safe and enjoyable trip. Guests should honestly and accurately evaluate their own fitness levels for any river trip. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Minimum ages may be adjusted according to water level. Our boats are a good option for families with children too young to paddle, or for those wanting to take in the scenery while the guide maneuvers your boat.

What we provide, and what to bring: We provide you with transportation, equipment, lunch (depending upon which river is chosen), the best White Water Rafting guides you can find, and the best White Water Rafting experience - ever! However, we also suggest you bring your passport (as we'll travel close to the border), sun protection lotion, and a dry pair of clothes, water shoes and towels. All of your belongings can be kept safely in our van with our driver.

River Information:

Family River - Chiriqui River: Chiriqui River, available for rafting all year, is suitable for families with young children or elderly adults. This river features class 1 and 2+, and clients will spend over two hours rafting. In this river, we provide you with snacks included in your price.

Adventure River - Majagua River: Majagua River, available for rafting only during the rainy season, is suitable for adventurous children and adults. This river features class 1 and 2 rapids, making it suitable for an adventurous family. We provide you with snacks included in your price. 

Action River - Chiriqui Viejo River: Chiriqui Viejo river, available all year, is our most popular river. Suitable for teenagers, young adults, and adventurous middle agers - Chiriqui Viejo River has rapids class 2, and 3+. We provide lunch included in your price.

Check the weather forecast before going hiking.