La Milagrosa Coffee Tours

We are proud to introduce our tours offering the oportunity to taste an excelent cup of gourmet coffee. A tour to discover and experience the coffee proccess ¨from seed to steaming cup¨.
Come discover eight of the different ¨exotic¨ or special varieties of Arabica coffee, such as Geysha, Typica, Katuay, prized by connaisseurs world-wide for their sophisticated, subtle favours and exceptional quality.
On the plantation, you will learn about the processing and cultivation techniques for coffee, the beverage most consumed in the world, except for water.
Discover the home-crafted equipment and step for processing coffee, incuding roasting and grinding. Learn about the steps for this transformative process, from the planting of the seed to serving the beverage.
Taste a freshly prepared cup of coffee, while enjoying a farm with an excellent panoramic view of Boquete and a pleasant microclimate.


Check the weather forecast before going hiking.