Reserva Forestal Fortuna

The  Fortuna Forest Reserve (FFR) is located in Norwest of Panama, over 1,200 msnm. Its surface is  19,500 hectares and consists of secondary and primary cloud forests. 
On September 21, 1976, it was declared a forest reserve, by Decree Law 68, and it is also part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. The precipitation is 4,000 mm/year and an average temperature of 16ºC. There are some many endemic species in Fortuna according to several studies, for this is necessary to make consider this area as a special place to conserve. In this paper there are some examples of plant and animal interesting to the conservation even if they are not legally protected. Is necessary to make efforts to improve the knowledge about these species and region.
Valle La Mina Trail

Pirita or False gold


Check the weather forecast before going hiking.